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In March 2020, COVID-19 appeared on American shores and left the country stricken. Disinformation campaigns, fear, and confusion made it extremely difficult for ordinary people to understand how to best handle every kind of situation in their lives.

While at TM, I worked closely with several leaders in the White House to rethink and enhance the existing portal which had been quickly stood up.


The previously existing site.

At first glance, there's lots of useful information here. Unfortunately, most of these linked to various other government web properties including the CDC, not all of which were consistent with each other in messaging and advice.


Our proposal was to consolidate key information into one easy-to-use portal in which users could type in questions and get critical information related to what was top-of-mind for the American public at the time.

Our proposal for a completely new FAQ experience for the American people.

Proposal to offload the huge amount of inbound calls that the Government was receiving at the time.

What went live was a brand new government web property: the portal, full of helpful critical information and metrics tracking for on-the-fly information architecture changes.



In the midst of a global pandemic, I'm extremely proud of how our team worked night and day to deliver actionable solutions for the Federal Government. The following members of the team deserve a huge round of applause:

Jordan Harmon, Matthew Miller, Shaun Modi