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Clinical-grade telemedicine for women who need it most

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Providing access to expert physicians who specialize in proven treatments to help alleviate the symptoms of menopause, through an accessible telemedicine platform.

San Francisco, CA
Creative Direction
UI/UX Design
User Research


Evernow is a healthcare company that launched in 2020 with the promise of helping women across the United States get much-needed access to expert physicians and prescription treatments through their telemedicine platform.

The platform aims to democratize access to important care through telemedicine, making it possible for doctors to treat many more women (in rural areas especially), saving everyone money and offering an improved patient - and doctor - experience. Our mission was to establish Evernow as the premium, safe solution, for improving and extending the health of women everywhere.

We were honored to play a role helping women in an underserved age and symptom bracket get the level of care they need.


User Research

Menopause is a change that happens over time, and in many cases results in a "pre-menopause" transition phase known as peri-menopause. Not only are symptoms gradual, but can appear earlier than expected for some women (at times, beginning in their 30s).

"Taking hormone replacement therapy reduces the mortality of women aged 50-59 by at least 20% and as much as 40%, mostly because they suffer fewer heart attacks [...] it is life-saving; preventing osteoporosis and heart disease for as long as 18 years."

The Evernow team came to us with hours of research, video interviews, and scientific data, that significantly sped up the onboarding process and enabled us to immediately immerse ourselves in the patient experience.

Sadly, a significant portion of women in the United States do not have easy, affordable, access to physicians that are qualified to properly diagnose peri-menopausal symptoms or prescribe hormonal therapy. A surprising number of women are told that their symptoms are just part of life that they simply have to live with.

Common symptoms include:

  • Brain fog
  • Mood swings
  • Night sweats
  • Weight changes
  • Hot flashes
  • Fatigue / low energy
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Skin and hair changes
  • Sleep disruption

While it is true these symptoms are normal, there are absolutely options available for management and relief of peri-menopausal and menopausal side effects through hormonal and natural treatments.


Design Approach

Evernow had an existing MVP brand and website they had set up in order to learn from their customers and perfect their telemedicine product. Customers were arriving almost exclusively from Facebook and Google ads, with mixed results.

Tyler Galpin working with the Evernow team.

Existing ad unit performance was reviewed extensively.

After doing a full brand and site audit, paired with conversations with the Evernow team, we found a few insights to drive the design decisions going forward:

  1. Empower. Allow customers to self-serve through the intake flow(s) as much as possible to reduce burden on the Evernow team and provide information that is trust-building and transparent.
  2. Enlighten women. Evernow is about countering female denial of menopause and selling confidence. This is a journey, not an event. Evernow goes up against prevailing cultural trends and stand up for what we know is right.
  3. Educate and be approachable. Inform customers (and the people in their lives) with understandable and trustworthy information on symptoms and available treatment options. Make women feel heard and finally understood by a team that just gets it, and emphasize the world-class people at Evernow; from the medical staff, all the way to the founding team.

With these guiding principles in mind, we began to redesign the Evernow platform in stages: first, we would wireframe the new medical intake flow and customer dashboard, then we would move into branding, visual design, and ultimately, new advertisements.


The Intake Flow and Dashboard

The existing flow was functional, but it had a critical shortcoming of not being flexible enough for the Evernow team to rearrange questions and test new question formats in an elegant manner. We architected a new intake framework with an emphasis on flexibility, reducing time-to-answer, and improving customer transparency.

Screenshot of some Evernow wireframes.Screenshots of the Evernow app onboarding.

Special care was taken to ensure content was always legible, especially on mobile devices (the source of most site traffic). Fonts are sized accordingly, and tap targets are large to accommodate varying levels of eyesight ability.


Visual design and Brand

The visual identity was extremely important in the context of this project. The age demographic of women we were aiming to help grew up in an era of punk, and now have successful careers in the prime of their lives. Evernow had to ooze confidence, sex appeal, and cool. Jenny Johannesson, who led visual design, delivered on the design brief by pairing a calm color palette with a playful yet professional typography stack. You can check out her visual case study here.

Evernow logo, a wavy shape.Screenshot of the Evernow homepage.Icons for Evernow.


The ads originally run by the Evernow team had a fair click-through rate, but once users arrived at the website, they were overwhelmingly choosing not to move forward into the treatment assessment flow. We designed a wide variety of ad concepts for testing, and immediately, there was drastic improvement across the board, so successful in fact, that the medical team was overwhelmed with inbound applications.

Facebook ads for Evernow.

Special thanks

Getting a complete product overhaul and design framework that exceeded expectations couldn't have happened without the close collaboration and trust built with the exceptional Evernow team and our talented design lead, Jenny.

Alicia Jackson, Aaron Gotwalt, May Allen, Liya Brook, Jenny Johannesson