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Bluebook Cities

Full-stack city builder that partners with communities to develop beautiful, energetic, resident-owned cities.

Real Estate
San Francisco, CA
Visual Design

Bluebook Cities (Praxis) is a platform enabling a new generation of ambitious citizens to pioneer a completely different way of living amongst each other. Bluebook partners with local communities from day one, and empowers local communities by creating high-paying jobs, land value appreciation, and offering world-class educational opportunities.

I was tasked with creating a visual language to be woven throughout Bluebook Cities' presentations, ensuring that the story was complemented by non-obtrusive striking imagery.


Title slide. We wanted to create a sense of calm and futurism through the use of a soft color palette and flowing lines. The architectural scene you see above was built in Cinema 4D and rendered in Octane.


Telling the story

We made deliberate use of relevant visual metaphors that encapsulated the Bluebook ethos in order to emphasize important pieces of information or concepts.

Pairing Futura with Inter provided a welcome mix of classic futurism and legibility for various text sizes and typographical treatments.


The Mind's Eye

Because key components of the future vision are currently unrealized, we needed to orient the reader's imagination with abstracted visions of what a charter city might look like and who might live there.